Triple J Now Playing Android App

I’ve finally finished my preliminary work on the unofficial Triple J Now playing Android App and I’ve released version 1.1 to the Android Marketplace. Initially I planned on making a widget but I decided to cut my teeth on something a little easier. You can read more on the Android app here. I’ve got a little more to go in the field of debugging and error handling but for now it’s functional to a level that I’m satisfied.

It’s been a great insight into the field of Android development (and a good refresher for my Java programming skills!). I don’t expect it will be long before Triple J release their official app for Android so it may be obsoleted quite quickly. Even then, if the iPhone app is anything to go by, their app is far more complex than anything that I need. All I ever wanted was to quickly know what song was playing and to mark it so that I could look it up at a later date.

To that end – I’m happy ;)

2 thoughts on “Triple J Now Playing Android App

  1. Great App mate, just one thing I’ve noticed. I’m in Qld, so listening an hour behind broadcast, and while the songs are coming up correctly, the show isn’t? It’s breakfast with Tom and Alex at the moment, but Mornings is coming up. Not a huge thing I know, but thought that might help.

    A suggestion as well, you could possibly incorporate a list of the songs played over the previous 24 hours with times or a link to the forum that shows the song lists? Not sure if that would over complicate things or not. Look forward to using it more though, thanks.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the great feedback! I’m aware of the problem with the Program not showing up correctly, but from what I’ve been able to work out, there’s only one source of information for the program that’s currently on air (i.e. in Sydney :( ). Perhaps you could check for me by visiting the Triple J Website from your location in QLD, clicking on “Listen Live” and letting me know if the program that is on the air (for example Zan Rowe) matches what you see on the website? If not then unfortunately I have no hope of fixing this problem.

      I’ll add your other suggestions to my TODO list. ;)

      - dJPoida