Over 2.5 thousand active installs and counting!

The unofficial Triple J Now Playing Android app has gone nuts with over 2.5k installs in just over 2 weeks! I suspect that Triple J has something to do with that given that they’re¬†consistently¬†advertising their iPhone app, resulting in Android fans hitting the market to see if there is something for them. Works for me though, just look at those stats!

So Triple J, if you’re reading this, the people are calling for an official Triple J Android app loud and clear!

2 thoughts on “Over 2.5 thousand active installs and counting!

    • Thanks Ian. A few people have pointed out that little typo ;)

      I didn’t feel it was worth a whole version update just to fix a missing ‘t’ so I’ve included it in the next major update.

      Merry Xmas to you too!