Thanks for all of the great feedback!

Version 1.3 of the unofficial TripleJ now playing app was released last week and I’ve had a pretty good response from the comments and ratings so far;

Great! Thanks for the android love! Works great, kinda annoying how some presenters don’t update tho! – Simone

Peeved at Update – can’t believe JJJ made you change your design despite them still not showing any regard for android users!! App is Great!, does exactly what it says it does… still a bit peeved that jjj still aren’t releasing any Android apps!! :( – Matthew

Great I thought ABC wasn’t allowed to endorse a product. This is what they are doing by only releasing Apple apps. Thanks for creating this for Android users – Kylie

The common thread here is that Android users are disappointed in the lack of attention from TripleJ developers. I can’t provide any concrete details but I can speculate that Android loving TripleJ listeners won’t have to wait too much longer based on the gist of the email that I received from the Digital Design and Development team leader at the ABC requesting that I remove all official TripleJ logos and images. Such a move suggests that TripleJ want no confusion in the Android market as to which search result is the official TripleJ app. So, fingers crossed that means we won’t have to wait too long!

Another common thread in the comments and feedback is the lack of understanding from some reviewers that the app is not capable of displaying information that TripleJ doesn’t provide. There are a few bad eggs giving the app a single star with comments like “Useless” and “Doesn’t Work!!” when if they read the context of the message displayed on the screen they’d realise that the app is at the mercy of the TripleJ website and the presenter broadcasting on air at the time. But with the app maintaining an average rating of over 4 stars on the Android market I’m still fairly happy with the success of my little side project.

Download the Unofficial TripleJ Now Playing app now!

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