Triple J Now Playing v2

Version 2.1 of the Unofficial Triple J Now Playing app has been released. I worked tirelessly to cram in a whole bunch of features and get it working before the Hottest 100 on Australia day. I’m glad I did too, because according to the Google statistics for the app, I had over 1500 installs in a single day!

The new version of the app brings the much anticipated Widget to the scene. The widget has a few touch sensitive areas:

  • Touching the Logo will launch the app
  • Touching the Now Playing information will force a refresh
  • Touching the Star will add or remove the track to your list of favourites

The app now keeps a track history so you can look back at what’s played. The inherent nature of the widget and track history required a change to most of the architecture below the app and I had to overcome several challenges akin to balancing functionality with battery and data usage.

I plan to publish several articles early next month on the approaches I took to solving some of the problems that I encountered while building this app. I’m still not entirely satisfied that all of the bugs are ironed out, so I’ may have a few minor patch releases coming out soon. There are some situations that just require the app to be working for several hours / days at a time before hidden bugs rear their ugly head. The Google developer console is brilliant for using the public to locate these bugs.

Another major achievement of this app was to automatically determine the time zone of the device, and from that, pick the appropriate XML feed. The old version of the app used to allow the user to choose their specific feed. I believe this caused confusion, so I have simplified the configuration to simply allow the user to select between “Listening to the Radio” and “Streaming Online”.

So far the feedback has been great! Still over 4 stars with 60+ ratings. If you have any suggestions or bug reports please don’t hesitate to email me at djpoida AT gmail DOT com.

2 thoughts on “Triple J Now Playing v2

  1. Well done on the app! I only just found it after doing some preliminary work with a mind to doing something similar myself, got as far as tracking down the now playing xml’s by crawling through jjj’s javascript files.
    Will probably continue to use this app even after JJJ eventually gets their act together and releases their android app, will be overly complicated imo, the song tracking feature is the only part I’m interested in.
    Do you have any plans on updating this app to track the unearthed stream?
    Once again, great work!

    • Thanks Narco, crawling through the Triple J javascript is exactly where this app started! I probably will incorporate the unearthed info at some point. There’s been more demand for the analogue bands though and my time that I can commit to this is limited. If you’ve got other feedback or suggestions feel free to shoot them through, I keep a compiled list of suggestions and the more noise I hear about something the higher it ends up on the priorities list. However, I do intend to keep this app simple and easy to use, I’m not keen on bloating it with too much “nice to have” stuff. Thanks for the great feedback!