Triple J Now Playing v2.2

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a bit of time improving some of the behind the scenes architecture of the Unofficial Triple J Now Playing Android app. Most of these changes have been focused toward minimising the impact of the app on mobile devices which require special consideration from programmers when it comes to data usage, memory consumption and battery life. Version 2.2 is now available from the Android Market or directly from the Served Chilled product page.

The other major change comes from something I learned when I worked with a Triple J listener from Darwin (Thanks Paul) to resolve some of the Northern Territory time zone issues. It turns out that even the official Triple J iPhone application was not working properly for N.T. users and after bringing this to the ABCs attention they were kind enough to provide me with a deeper understanding of their XML feeds.

This lead to the alteration of the Track History system. Originally, the track history relied on your device retrieving information about every song played and storing that information in a database for future retrieval. But with my new found understanding of the ABC XML feeds I discovered that there is a feed that delivers the last 20 songs played. So in the spirit of reducing the impact on data usage, memory consumption and battery life I have switched the track history to use that feed instead of compiling a running track history.

So all in all you should see very few changes cosmetically but the app will draw less from your device and perform better in the long run.

I’d also like to shout out a special Thank you to Narco (Elliott) for his donation. Much appreciated Narco!

One thought on “Triple J Now Playing v2.2

  1. Nice work on the app – I’ve been annoyed for ages that iPhone users get all the love from the J’s.