Triple J change up the feeds again…

If you’ve been having problems with your Unofficial Triple J now playing app this week it’s because the devs over at the ABC are playing with their XML feeds. I’m not sure to what end but it’s becoming hard to keep up with their changes.

Be sure to download the Version 2.4 here or at the Android Market; which as of right now (2012-06-25 @8pm AEST) is working fine.

The fundamental change has come in the “On Air” feed, which caused me so many headaches right back at the start of this project. The “On Air” XML feed delivers information about the presenter, the program name and some other cool stuff like images of the presenter and colours that relate to their program’s style guide.

Back when Triple J contacted me and asked me to remove any official logo or image that was the property of Triple J and the ABC (this included images of their presenters that were simply linked to their website) I left the only interesting thing I could, which was the colour. After all, you can’t copyright a colour!

Now it seems that they’ve taken out the colour information from the feed (which has been the root cause of many crashes this week). So we’re back to a static… never changing… boring and somewhat hideous saturation of Triple J red. That said, I can’t tell what their doing to their feeds right now so it may return, in some form or another, in the next few days or weeks.

The devs at the ABC certainly haven’t got everything under control, because I’m looking at their website now (in the “listen live” popup window) and it’s showing me “The Doctor” and I’m listening to Linda on “Good Nights”. Hell, I’m betting that the feed changes will likely BREAK the app again sometime in the near future. Who knows! But in the mean time, I’ll continue to release temporary versions as I detect areas that their changes break the app.

Thanks for all your great feedback, ratings and patience.

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