The new Studio Desk project….

The very first sketches / designs for the desk.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (more out of laziness than anything else!) but what better reason to get back into the swing than my new Studio desk project.

The objective is to re-work the old cramped corner desk situation into a state of the art desk that is good for music production, gaming and of course work. I’m heading toward a 3-screened design with a KVM Switch for the work laptop and enough room for my Tascam DM24 mixer and Yamaha keyboard.

My initial designs in Sketch-up are coming along! I’m hoping to do this project in 6 months for under 3k (including new parts for the PC).

I’m basically planning to design what I need using real world dimensions, then get the wood professionally cut to specification. I’ll then put it all together and perform the finishing touches myself.

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