The Triple-J feeds are playing up! (yet again…)

For everyone that is currently experiencing a problem with the Unofficial Triple J Now Playing app, I apologise. It seems that Triple J have made some changes to their feeds recently and it appears to randomly crash some instances of the app.

  • The problem is intermittent and therefore difficult to determine the root cause
  • the problem does not appear to be specific to a handset
  • the problem does not appear to be specific to a version of Android

I appreciate your patience while I fix this issue and I’ll have the app up and running again ASAP!!! In the mean time, keep sending through your crash reports. Every report I get brings me closer to debugging the issue!


Triple J change up the feeds again…

If you’ve been having problems with your Unofficial Triple J now playing app this week it’s because the devs over at the ABC are playing with their XML feeds. I’m not sure to what end but it’s becoming hard to keep up with their changes.

Be sure to download the Version 2.4 here or at the Android Market; which as of right now (2012-06-25 @8pm AEST) is working fine.

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When it comes to leveraging the best framework for mobile game development, it seems that there are plenty of options to choose from. Typically, if the realisation of a great idea needs to be accelerated to market to ensure a good return on investment, you want to minimise reinventing the wheel and spend most of the development time on the specifics that differentiate your game from the herd.

If you find yourself stuck trying to replicate something that you’ve seen in another application or game, there’s a high chance that someone else has already hit that road block, solved it and is now offering their solution freely. Don’t be afraid so sacrifice control of the architecture to achieve a quality game.

Which brings me to my brief article on the open source Android game development library: AndEngine.

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