The Triple-J feeds are playing up! (yet again…)

For everyone that is currently experiencing a problem with the Unofficial Triple J Now Playing app, I apologise. It seems that Triple J have made some changes to their feeds recently and it appears to randomly crash some instances of the app.

  • The problem is intermittent and therefore difficult to determine the root cause
  • the problem does not appear to be specific to a handset
  • the problem does not appear to be specific to a version of Android

I appreciate your patience while I fix this issue and I’ll have the app up and running again ASAP!!! In the mean time, keep sending through your crash reports. Every report I get brings me closer to debugging the issue!


PHP: A fractal of bad design

Eevee has ranted about a mind blowing list of problems associated with PHP as a programming language over at the Fuzzy Notepad. The article PHP: a fractal of bad design is a monstrous tribute to everything we all know as PHP programmers but are afraid to admit. Normally I don’t read beyond the third or fourth paragraph of an article like this, but as someone who’s embedded in PHP at the moment, I couldn’t help myself!