Triple J Now Playing v2.2

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a bit of time improving some of the behind the scenes architecture of the Unofficial Triple J Now Playing Android app. Most of these changes have been focused toward minimising the impact of the app on mobile devices which require special consideration from programmers when it comes to data usage, memory consumption and battery life. Version 2.2 is now available from the Android Market or directly from the Served Chilled product page.

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Time to make a few changes

Well it took longer than I expected but Triple J have contacted me requesting that I remove all images and logos in the Triple J Now playing Android app in anticipation of the release of their own Android app.

So, after almost 10,000 installs I’m going to have to remove all of the things that make the app nice to look at. The next release will be in the next few days and I’ll attempt to keep it as visually appealing while complying with the requests from the Triple J developers.

Contact me if you have any suggestions!

nsquared Seamless Computing

Australian company nsquared have a cool video demonstrating some of their latest attempts to integrate several interactive Microsoft devices and Silverlight enabled platforms.

I don’t feel like much of the content in this video is drastically groundbreaking, but I still do love to see the Microsoft Surface in action!

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Well my experiences with WordPress so far are exactly as expected. I have been able to expedite the creation of this blog with only minor css tweaks and some php code. At the same time, I can also see the potential for customisation. Between the freely available 3rd party plugins  and the ability to tweak any of the overlying theme source code (and if you’re game – the underlying application source code!) you can bend the site to whatever purpose you see fit.

Thanks again to Kate from OffThePage for recommending that I quit re-inventing the wheel and get on with the job. Thanks Sis!