Google I/O 2009 Android optimisation vid

If you read a post about a month ago when I stated my intention to write my own Android Triple J Now Playing app then you’d be aware that I’m all over Android development at the moment. So if you’re into Android developent like me then vids like this one will be fascinating for you. (except for the last 20 minutes of question time when all you wish was that you’d cashed in by setting up a stand for acne medication at the front door).

Roman Guy talks about Adapters, Backgrounds and Images, Drawing and Invalidating, Views and Layouts and Memory allocations. Most of the content is specific to MUCH older versions of Android than most devices are running these days (pre 1.5) but the origins of the objects are still excellent to learn about.

A very long vid (clocking in at over one hour) but well worth the watch for wannabe Android Developer perfectionists.

YouTube Preview Image

Triple J iPhone App


Triple J have recently released their iPhone app which has a myriad of cool features! However, for us Android lovers, as yet there is nothing to satisfy our app lust. :(

For me, it’s not really a big deal. Because there’s only one part of the app that takes my fancy which is the “Now Playing” feature coupled with the “Add to Favourites” feature. Too many times I’ve been listening to Triple J in the car and a cool song from an Indie or an Unearthed artist has blown my mind. I’ll quickly scramble for the phone but most of the time Shazam has NO idea about the the artist or track. It’d be great to have a simple app that shows what is playing and what has just played on Triple J, and has a simple way of starring or adding the track artist and title to a list of favourites that can be recalled later.

So I hereby declare …(having already scoured the Triple J website javascript and found the now playing xml feed ;) )… that I shall build the simplest of Triple J Android ”Now Playing” widgets.

Watch this space….


Well my experiences with WordPress so far are exactly as expected. I have been able to expedite the creation of this blog with only minor css tweaks and some php code. At the same time, I can also see the potential for customisation. Between the freely available 3rd party plugins  and the ability to tweak any of the overlying theme source code (and if you’re game – the underlying application source code!) you can bend the site to whatever purpose you see fit.

Thanks again to Kate from OffThePage for recommending that I quit re-inventing the wheel and get on with the job. Thanks Sis!