Time to make a few changes

Well it took longer than I expected but Triple J have contacted me requesting that I remove all images and logos in the Triple J Now playing Android app in anticipation of the release of their own Android app.

So, after almost 10,000 installs I’m going to have to remove all of the things that make the app nice to look at. The next release will be in the next few days and I’ll attempt to keep it as visually appealing while complying with the requests from the Triple J developers.

Contact me if you have any suggestions!

Over 2.5 thousand active installs and counting!

The unofficial Triple J Now Playing Android app has gone nuts with over 2.5k installs in just over 2 weeks! I suspect that Triple J has something to do with that given that they’re consistently advertising their iPhone app, resulting in Android fans hitting the market to see if there is something for them. Works for me though, just look at those stats!

So Triple J, if you’re reading this, the people are calling for an official Triple J Android app loud and clear!

Triple J Now Playing Android App

I’ve finally finished my preliminary work on the unofficial Triple J Now playing Android App and I’ve released version 1.1 to the Android Marketplace. Initially I planned on making a widget but I decided to cut my teeth on something a little easier. You can read more on the Android app here. I’ve got a little more to go in the field of debugging and error handling but for now it’s functional to a level that I’m satisfied.

It’s been a great insight into the field of Android development (and a good refresher for my Java programming skills!). I don’t expect it will be long before Triple J release their official app for Android so it may be obsoleted quite quickly. Even then, if the iPhone app is anything to go by, their app is far more complex than anything that I need. All I ever wanted was to quickly know what song was playing and to mark it so that I could look it up at a later date.

To that end – I’m happy ;)

Triple J iPhone App


Triple J have recently released their iPhone app which has a myriad of cool features! However, for us Android lovers, as yet there is nothing to satisfy our app lust. :(

For me, it’s not really a big deal. Because there’s only one part of the app that takes my fancy which is the “Now Playing” feature coupled with the “Add to Favourites” feature. Too many times I’ve been listening to Triple J in the car and a cool song from an Indie or an Unearthed artist has blown my mind. I’ll quickly scramble for the phone but most of the time Shazam has NO idea about the the artist or track. It’d be great to have a simple app that shows what is playing and what has just played on Triple J, and has a simple way of starring or adding the track artist and title to a list of favourites that can be recalled later.

So I hereby declare …(having already scoured the Triple J website javascript and found the now playing xml feed ;) )… that I shall build the simplest of Triple J Android ”Now Playing” widgets.

Watch this space….