Not all of my professional experience can be demonstrated as well as my personal projects and hobbies. The below are links to some of my personal projects and achievements which better demonstrate my capabilities.

Served Chilled Recordings Website

In 2006 I decided to take my music production hobby to the next level and start up a recording studio and music production business in a home studio that I constructed myself.

This business was a very serious pursuit of mine, but due to a personal conflict, my professional desire to develop software won out and after several successful years of music production I turned my full time attention to software design, closing the studio in 2009.

You can view the last cached version of the website here: http://scr2008.servedchilled.com.au

Undertone Website

Prior to launching my own digital production business I was an amateur songwriter and producer in a band called Undertone. The band constituted of two members, myself, Peter Eldred (aka dJPoida) as the songwriter and producer and Daniel McCarthy (aka theDan) as the vocalist and lyricist.

This website was to be our launchpad for our album “The long awaited beginning to the end of the week”. Unfortunately, the band dissolved prior to the release of this album.

Some points of interest in this website:

  • The UT Player (mp3 player) in the bottom frame
  • The animated dJP and theDan characters playing hackey sack. Feel free to interact with them by playing with the hackey sack
  • The “groupicon” technology to register and create a group “icon”. (similar to an avitar but custom built technology)
  • The “Jims Poker” game management system that I built for my friends group’s regular poker nights which included player rankings, stats and game tracking!

You can view the last cached version of the website here: http://ut2007.servedchilled.com.au

Brain Sneeze

One of my earliest obsessions when casual gaming became prevalent was with escape games. These games were the perfect balance of casually short, intellectually stimulating and visually pleasing. A friend of mine and I decided that it was time we developed our own game.

This game called “Brain Sneeze” is far from finished, but demonstrates my capability combining visual design with programming. Each frame is rendered in a 3d cad program and interactive overlays alter the display of each frame based on the user’s progress through the game. The code behind the game is object modelled ActionScript 2.0.

Play through the semi-completed game here: http://gapeg.servedchilled.com.au