Much in the same way that I’ve always been a software developer, I’ve always been a musician. Over the years I’ve played many instruments and been in several bands and orchestras. The culmination of the love of software and music resulted in me moving into Sound Production. Starting as a simple hobby grown from song writing and D.J.-ing, I eventually grew my love of music production into a home business in Elwood, Victoria. Recording the local open-mic talent either for free or pro-bono, simply for the love of it.

Find out more about my musical endeavours by clicking the links below.

Hayden’s Road

Hayden’s Road is the latest of my musical endeavours. We’re a three piece band featuring Guitar, Piano and Drums. No recordings yet but when we do get some music down this is where you’ll find it!

Served Chilled Recordings

Served Chilled Recordings was the name of my home recording and production studio. It operated quite successfully between 2007 and 2010.


Undertone is the name of the band formed by myself and Daniel McCarthy in the early 00′s. We have a few great tracks but never officially released any albums.


iXia is the name that I used to go under when I was a solo artist back in the late 90′s and early 00′s. I released one official album and was close to releasing a second before beginning work with Daniel McCarthy on Undertone.