Triple J Now Playing Android App

I’ve finally finished my preliminary work on the unofficial Triple J Now playing Android App and I’ve released version 1.1 to the Android Marketplace. Initially I planned on making a widget but I decided to cut my teeth on something a little easier. You can read more on the Android app here. I’ve got a little more to go in the field of debugging and error handling but for now it’s functional to a level that I’m satisfied.

It’s been a great insight into the field of Android development (and a good refresher for my Java programming skills!). I don’t expect it will be long before Triple J release their official app for Android so it may be obsoleted quite quickly. Even then, if the iPhone app is anything to go by, their app is far more complex than anything that I need. All I ever wanted was to quickly know what song was playing and to mark it so that I could look it up at a later date.

To that end – I’m happy ;)

Google I/O 2009 Android optimisation vid

If you read a post about a month ago when I stated my intention to write my own Android Triple J Now Playing app then you’d be aware that I’m all over Android development at the moment. So if you’re into Android developent like me then vids like this one will be fascinating for you. (except for the last 20 minutes of question time when all you wish was that you’d cashed in by setting up a stand for acne medication at the front door).

Roman Guy talks about Adapters, Backgrounds and Images, Drawing and Invalidating, Views and Layouts and Memory allocations. Most of the content is specific to MUCH older versions of Android than most devices are running these days (pre 1.5) but the origins of the objects are still excellent to learn about.

A very long vid (clocking in at over one hour) but well worth the watch for wannabe Android Developer perfectionists.

YouTube Preview Image

KT Spider

Now THIS is what I’m talking ‘BOUT!
<insert Will Smith accent as required ;) >

Korea’s KT has finally broken the conceptual design barriers with this great idea of using a single personal device (in this case a new Android Smartphone) to provide the nervous system to various other form factors like a laptop or game controller.

The KT Spider effectively removes the need for multiple devices to have processors and memory of their own. This would be a huge competitive advantage for KT in the personal device market since their tablets and laptops would date much slower than their competitors’ products which need to be upgraded whenever their specifications are outdated!

Update your phone, tablet, PSP and laptop every 2 years? Or just your phone? No brainer.

There’s no international release details as yet but they mention in the interview that it’s due for release domestically in Korea toward the end of this year. Check out the full article at

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image